Avaleht Tips

Here are some useful tips to consider before placing your coach order.

  • When choosing a coach, make sure that it has enough space to keep the passengers happy and comfortable during the trip. When putting together your order, please take into account that different coaches have different seat spacings and small coaches will fit fewer passengers and less luggage than larger ones.
  • Be sure to prepare a schedule for stops during the journey in advance. Unscheduled stops can result in significantly longer trip times. Consider the passengers’ special requests ahead of the journey.
  • To ensure traffic safety and comply with established regulations, the coach driver is required to take a break of at least 45 minutes after no more than four and a half hours of driving. In addition, daily driving time must not exceed nine hours. However, in any working day, the driver may spend up to 14 hours on duty and must spend at least 9 hours resting.

To ensure a quality journey, we will help organise your trip in a way that ensures compliance with established regulations and leaves the passengers happy to use our services again in the future.

For a smoother order process, please try to establish the following when putting together your order:

  • The purpose of the journey – employee transport, children’s outing, excursion, i.e. the type of the event
  • Planned journey dates, departure and arrival times, and the addresses of the place of departure and the destination Required period of availability of the coach
  • Trip route
  • The person responsible for the journey on your behalf and whether they will be present during the journey (on the coach)
  • The number of passengers
  • Whether you have prepared a travel plan and established the times, daily routes, and planned stops during the journey Whether you have an estimated budget for the planned journey
  • Any special requests